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The San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector website is designed for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 or newer.  Other web browsers may not display the website correctly and may not perform website functions properly.  If you are experiencing problems paying your property taxes on the website, check to make sure you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 or newer.  You may also make your payment by telephone (1-855-829-3773), by mail or at one of our office locations.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Listed below are some of the most popular pop-up blocking software packages, and instructions to enable pop-up windows with them.

Internet Explorer - Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Pop-up blocking is directly integrated into Internet Explorer and enabled by default. To disable the pop-up blocker, open the Tools menu, select the Pop-up Blocker option, and select the Turn Off Pop-up Blocker option.

For more information, view Microsoft Toolbar help at

AOL Toolbar

To turn the AOL Toolbar Pop-up Blocker off: On the Internet Explorer window, on the AOL Toolbar, click the Blocking Pop-ups icon, then click Turn Pop-up Controls Off. Note: The Pop-Up Blocker icon will display a green light symbol over a white window icon to indicate that you have enabled pop-ups on all Websites.

For more information, view AOL Toolbar help at

Google Toolbar

1. Click the Toolbar's wrench wrench icon.
2. On the Tools tab, deselect the 'Pop-up blocker' Pop-up blocker checkbox.
3. Click Save.

For more information, view Google Toolbar help at

Yahoo! Toolbar

To check the status of Pop-Up Blocker:

1. Click the Pop-Up Blocker toolbar icon.
2. Look at the "Enable Pop-Up Blocker" line.
3. If there's a checkmark next to it, Pop-Up Blocker is enabled. Otherwise it's disabled.
4. You can also tell by the toolbar icon. It's yellow if enabled, and gray if disabled.

To turn Pop-Up Blocker on or off:

1. Click the Pop-Up Blocker menu.
2. Select "Enable Pop-Up Blocker".
3. If the checkmark was present, Pop-Up Blocker is now off. If the checkmark was not present, Pop-Up blocker is now enabled.

For more information, view Yahoo! Toolbar help at

MSN Toolbar

This pop-up blocker is part of a menu bar. To disable pop-up blocking, click on the down arrow to the right of the "Pop-ups Blocked" text, which will bring up a menu. Click either the Allow Pop-ups or the Allow Pop-ups for this Site option.

For more information, view at

Norton Internet Security/Firewall Pop-up Blocker

To disable pop-up blocking in Norton's Internet Security/Firewall, do the following:

1. Bring up Norton Internet Security's/Firewall's main window. This can be accomplished by opening the Windows Start
menu, selecting Programs (or All Programs) and then Norton Firewall.
2. Click on the Pop-up Blocking line.
3. Click on the Turn Off button.
4. Close the window.


Click the shield button to pull down PopUpCop's menu. Choose Allow Popups from this Site... This tells PopUpCop to add the site to its Allow List .

View common PopUpCop tasks at

PopUp Manager

Popup Manager is a small popup stopper add-on for IE that automatically disables all popup windows. It works a little different from most others, by adding a small color coded area to the bottom left corner of your window.

1. Right click on the green or red bar to set Allow or Block sites.
2. Click on Allow popups from this website

Pop-Up Stopper Free version

You will have an Icon in your system tray next to your clock, indicating pop-up control is enabled. Double click Pop-Up
Stopper's Icon to turn it on/off (gray means pop-up control is OFF! Red X means control is on). Pop-Up Stopper Free
version does not have the option to add sites to an allow list. Remember, you can always hold the CTRL, Shift
or ALT keys while clicking a link to allow that window to open.

Pop-Up Stopper Professional

Activate and deactivate pop-up control by holding the CTRL key while clicking on a link. You can also add sites to an
allow list, just right-click your Pop-Up Stopper Professional icon and go to Preferences / Allowed Pop-Ups.